e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Outside at Last!

Finally finished work on the copyedited manuscript just before six this evening, and grabbed the camera and headed out.  All week I've been stuck indoors with this--it had to be ready to mail by tomorrow at the latest.  I had hoped for noon today, but there were just enough difficulties that I could not get it done by then.

At any rate, it was a warm, clear late afternoon/evening, and I was so glad to get out into it.   Lots of things are in bloom, thanks to all the rain this growing season--even leftover bluebonnets.  One very unexpected one was this lovely Centaury (not sure of species) growing in the mowed path down to the woods.  We have them in spring, usually.  It's in the gentian family.

My "at last!" picture of the day was of a Ground Skink, a small, dark, very fast and very shy lizard we have down in the creek woods.  I've been trying to photograph one of these guys for years, with only little dark blurs to show for it.  Finally  one held still long enough, in the evening woods.  Obviously, I took this with flash.

Tags: native plants, nature, photography, wildlife
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