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From Twitter 02-07-2011 - MoonScape [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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From Twitter 02-07-2011 [Feb. 8th, 2011|03:01 am]

  • 14:38:06: RT @Cecilyk: I don't know whether to weep or tear my hair out about this: epilogue to the "My Son is Gay" post by http://bit.ly/dStDyj b ...
  • 14:39:58: Happiness today is new kitchen chairs that do not wobble, with seats that aren't giving way. 41 years of folding chairs in kitchen ended.
  • 20:38:06: RT @AdviceToWriters: Reports of the death of books have been greatly exaggerated: http://theatln.tc/dR3HEo (via @TheAtlanticWire)
  • 21:04:57: New post up at http://www.paksworld.com/blog/ includes a snippet from the book coming out 3/22/11.

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[User Picture]From: shockwave77598
2011-02-08 03:22 pm (UTC)
to the author of the first line: There are other churches in the world. There are other faiths as well. And if this particular church leader is so willing to throw you and your son under the bus, then perhaps you should question whether or not such a church is close enough to God to suit you. Myself, any church that told me to shut up about what wrongs are committed within the church is itself bearing false witness and so isn't one I'd be even remotely associated with.
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