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From Twitter 02-20-2011 - MoonScape [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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From Twitter 02-20-2011 [Feb. 21st, 2011|03:01 am]

  • 06:18:21: RT @reetamac: wait.... hollup. we *fund* NASCAR? and we *defunded* Planned Parenthood? that's enough America, I want my damn money back.
  • 06:18:32: RT @RBReich: Reps seek to divide working Americans, and deflect attention from the unprecedented income and wealth at the top. We must n ...
  • 12:42:09: RT @KSmithSF: Ironworkers Local 8 http://j.mp/evgfmw
  • 15:10:32: RT @daynasteele: Big cos. should have to follow the rules too. @UPS owes @houstontxdotgov $120,000 in parking fines. #ups #fail #payup
  • 15:10:57: RT @daynasteele: "Success is never owned it's rented and you pay the rent everyday if you want to be successful" @rory_vaden
  • 18:15:31: Finished my goal at the Great Invitational Writers' Handicap Race. Sometimes you have to kill your darlings. Incl. characters. #writing.
  • 18:16:14: And now on to all the other writing chores that need doing. Er...maybe supper first?
  • 19:07:55: RT @GerryDuggan: The Koch Bros are Saruman & Sauron, Scott Walker is Wormtongue, Wisconsin is Helms Deep and you -- are next. #WIUnion
  • 23:25:23: RT @awfulagent: Borders bankruptcy spells problems for Washington area businesses: http://wapo.st/gLoiWg Washington Post looks at local ...

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