e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 02-22-2011

  • 09:54:12: RT @Gurroo: RT @NaoBrown RT @hungeercluod Antimisogyny comic. Link in 1st paragraph leads to full comic http://bit.ly/fbFlfg (by @mrfaulty )
  • 09:54:42: RT @NatureNews: New Zealand rushes to aid earthquake-devastated Christchurch http://ff.im/-yzZLw
  • 22:48:33: RT @robinmckinley: Oh wow. Scary. RT @AdviceToWriters NY Times Bestsellers for the week of your birth: http://www.biblioz.com/best_s ...
  • 22:48:41: RT @Richard_Kadrey: Best new phrase heard today: "Potemkin Packaging." Companies putting less product in the same size packages to fool ...
  • 23:08:16: RT @KSmithSF: "...no direct correlation between public-sector collective bargaining and yawning state budget deficits." http://t.co/sHcb2Bv
  • 23:11:53: Lot of fun talking to Good Water Chapter of Texas Master Naturalists about small-acreage wildlife management & prairie restoration.
  • 23:13:20: RT @awfulagent: Great Booklist review for Kings of the North @emoontx "her storytelling is as electrifying as ever, and her readers shou ...
  • 23:48:32: OK, here goes...about to try the switch to New Twitter. Can it, just for once, be a software/web application that switches w/o a hitch?
  • 23:50:32: Oh, rats. Switched. HATE IT!!! Do not want that wide column on the left full of stuff I don't want covering up my lovely wildflowers.
  • 23:51:34: Let's see if it's customizable enough to narrow that wide left mess and put my posting back in the middle of the screen. Center focus.

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