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From Twitter 02-28-2011 - MoonScape [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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From Twitter 02-28-2011 [Mar. 1st, 2011|03:01 am]

  • 08:12:00: RT @NatureNews: German scientists outraged in defence minister plagiarism affair http://ff.im/-z3bZG
  • 08:12:11: RT @NatureNews: NOAA scientists cleared of ‘Climategate’ accusations http://ow.ly/44E9u
  • 08:38:59: Yesterday's high temp--~80F. Today's predicted--70F. Strong winds, lots of haze from dust & distant smoke.
  • 12:18:04: RT @NASA: Mission Control informed the spacewalkers the new J612 power extension cable is working. Watch the spacewalk live: http://www. ...
  • 12:19:08: Because needed to run some print jobs, am getting to watch some of today's spacewalk on NASA's website.
  • 12:23:04: RT @LRO_NASA: It's official: the International Observe the Moon Night (InOMN) hashtag is #moonnight - pass it on!
  • 12:31:18: Watching two astronauts maneuvering around the failed ammonia pump--fascinating!
  • 12:52:51: RT @CassiniSaturn: Another stunner! Looking past the cratered south polar area of Rhea to spy Dione and distant rings.http://bit.ly/dZW900
  • 19:33:22: RT @danielbye: Public sector debt in 1946 was 250% of GDP; today it's 57.6%. In 1946 we started building the NHS; today we're destroying it.
  • 19:36:39: RT @ISS_Research: ISS astronaut photography allows us to see the highest peak in Mexico, Pico de Orizaba, from space: http://bit.ly/f55l ...
  • 19:38:31: RT @robinmckinley: http://geekfeminism.org/2011/02/24/quick-hit-my-mom-has-a-phd-in-math/ --LOL! EXCELLENT. Thank you, @mork_and
  • 19:40:21: Ham. Mixed brown sugar and mustard for glaze. Baked. Yum.
  • 20:15:48: New post up at http://www.paksworld.com/blog/ The really, REALLY big snippet from Kings of the North.
  • 23:02:03: RT @KSmithSF: Simple Unpleasant Truths http://t.co/0K0hDXe

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