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A brief hiatus

Yesterday was the dress rehearsal, tonight is the performance: Bach's St. John Passion at St. Michael's Episcopal Church in Austin.  If you're in Austin and want to hear this--David Stevens conducting a big choir combined from three church choirs and some others, plus a baroque orchestra with many period instruments and musicians from all over the map,  tickets at the door will be $20, or $18 for seniors.   Parking is limited; carpooling is advised.  St. Michael's is on Capitol of Texas highway, between Bee Caves and Westlake.   (It's where we did Britten's St. Nicholas cantata a few years ago.)

Today and likely tomorrow will be very busy indeed, as I prepare for this (and help take down the area tonight after the performance so the space is ready for services Sunday morning, and sing a service on Sunday.)   I know there are a lot of comments backed up for recent posts, but I haven't had, and won't have, time to deal with them all today or (probably) tomorrow.  

Tags: choral singing, making music

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