e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 04-04-2011

  • 07:13:31: RT @NYTimeskrugman: Privatizing Medicare http://nyti.ms/gX3ZrY
  • 07:16:42: RT @NYTimeskrugman: The Transmission Mechanism for Quantitative Easing (Wonkish) http://nyti.ms/eqPIcG
  • 09:33:31: Radishes, lettuce, and the pea pods are just forming. Yum (eating radishes while writing...) #gardening #writing
  • 10:03:38: RT @victoriastrauss: If you've ever experienced the pangs of professional jealousy (& haven't we all), read this http://tinyurl.com/4j3sgk2
  • 10:28:03: RT @longshotauthor: The most satisfying words any author ever types are the following: THE END
  • 12:03:02: Completed daily words on K-IV....back on track after break (illness, launch of Kings, big choral performance.) "Vacations" end. #writing.
  • 13:31:14: RT @NYTimeskrugman: On Not Learning From Experience http://nyti.ms/gNpGeo
  • 15:28:18: RT @MaryRobinette: Funny and sadly accurate graph of the writing process at Discover magazine. http://is.gd/2H9WSg
  • 16:11:10: RT @AndrewCrow: Just heard an argument between a passenger and a TSA agent. The agent said the the body scan doesn't use radiation. Inst ...

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