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From Twitter 04-08-2011 - MoonScape [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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From Twitter 04-08-2011 [Apr. 9th, 2011|04:01 am]

  • 09:45:36: Opened window. Scorpion had gotten in under screen, and of course ran toward indoors, not out under screen. Missed whack. Now scorp inside
  • 09:46:30: Not a fan of scorpions inside. Writers like me have piles of paper, books, magazines all over. Scorps love laminar habitat.
  • 09:47:27: RT @clairecmc: Since 1976 NO federal dollars can be used for abortion.They want to shut down govt over cancer screenings & family plann ...
  • 11:12:23: RT @thinkprogress: Planned Parenthood Facts: 4M STD tests, 1M screenings for cervical cancer, 830K breast exams every year. No federal $ ...
  • 12:23:47: I think when Congress shuts down the gov't, their lights, phones, AC, etc. should all shut down too. INcluding their salaries, of course.
  • 13:47:39: RT @KSmithSF: War on Planned Parenthood is war on women's health http://t.co/zBQz7zh
  • 15:04:26: RT @joshtpm: Republican insistence that defunding birth control will reduce number of abortions is killing my confidence in supply side ...
  • 16:01:34: Really hate offers of "Only X for first Y months" and then don't tell you what the cost will be AFTER that. NYTimes, pay attention!
  • 16:02:44: GOP Congress: Dim bulbs want to turn the lights off...apparently think they'll shine brighter in the dark.
  • 16:55:24: HOT. Humid. Windy. And I didn't find the tissue in the sheets before laundering, so even blowing around on a clothesline, still there.
  • 22:41:08: RT @NYTimeskrugman: Reform, Real and Fake http://nyti.ms/gLaJmZ

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[User Picture]From: kengr
2011-04-09 11:15 am (UTC)
It's no longer enough to say that Federal money can't be used for abortions. They no longer wish any program that receives federal money to be able to do abortions.

Likewise the legislation they are pushing to make the IRS have to investigate abortions to make sure no taxpayers uses money from federal medical programs for them.

As for "Only X for the first Y months" pricing, you should try the pricing for Qwest's DSL. I was helping a friend check it out, and their website listed a price of X. It wasn't until after it was installed that he got the stuff that said that price was only good for the first 6 months.

We probably should have tried seeing if the State Attorney General's office would look into it as false advertising, but since he was having trouble with the modem anyway, he switched to cable. Not that they are a lot better...
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[User Picture]From: made_of_paradox
2011-04-13 02:29 pm (UTC)
I don't like scorpions inside, either.

One of them stung Younger Son during a bath when he was 10 months old. That was scary. Another got onto the couch Younger Son and his Twin Sister were on within 2 weeks of the stinging incident.

Husband is phobic about them. We don't use the 's' word here if it can be at all avoided.
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