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From Twitter 04-08-2011

  • 09:45:36: Opened window. Scorpion had gotten in under screen, and of course ran toward indoors, not out under screen. Missed whack. Now scorp inside
  • 09:46:30: Not a fan of scorpions inside. Writers like me have piles of paper, books, magazines all over. Scorps love laminar habitat.
  • 09:47:27: RT @clairecmc: Since 1976 NO federal dollars can be used for abortion.They want to shut down govt over cancer screenings & family plann ...
  • 11:12:23: RT @thinkprogress: Planned Parenthood Facts: 4M STD tests, 1M screenings for cervical cancer, 830K breast exams every year. No federal $ ...
  • 12:23:47: I think when Congress shuts down the gov't, their lights, phones, AC, etc. should all shut down too. INcluding their salaries, of course.
  • 13:47:39: RT @KSmithSF: War on Planned Parenthood is war on women's health http://t.co/zBQz7zh
  • 15:04:26: RT @joshtpm: Republican insistence that defunding birth control will reduce number of abortions is killing my confidence in supply side ...
  • 16:01:34: Really hate offers of "Only X for first Y months" and then don't tell you what the cost will be AFTER that. NYTimes, pay attention!
  • 16:02:44: GOP Congress: Dim bulbs want to turn the lights off...apparently think they'll shine brighter in the dark.
  • 16:55:24: HOT. Humid. Windy. And I didn't find the tissue in the sheets before laundering, so even blowing around on a clothesline, still there.
  • 22:41:08: RT @NYTimeskrugman: Reform, Real and Fake http://nyti.ms/gLaJmZ

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