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Life with Horses

Mac is a little better.  Now, he's lamer in one foreleg than the other.   However, he can walk with a longer, freer stride, which must be better for his back and his hind legs.  He is not thrilled to be locked away from the grass and his buddy Illusion.  His buddy Illusion is not thrilled that Mac is getting more attention. 

Mac hates his meds.  I don't blame him, but it's like medicating a child...he needs it, so he's got to take it, like it or not.  He squinches his nostrils and pinches his lips shut, just like a toddler--"I won't open my mouth and you can't make me."   But we can.   Post-medication, he refuses a conciliatory chunk of carrot that my other horses were always willing to have after a mouthful of something they didn't like.  An hour later, though...

Here's a picture of Mac in happier days, a chilly spring day when he and Illusion, let out after a period of rain, had just rolled (hence the dirt on his back.)

I mean to post a picture of Illusion, too.  On the same day as above, when Mac rolled once and then got up demurely,  Illusion ignored dignity and rolled and rolled:

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