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Gerrymandering: Texas GOP

Thanks to previous redistricting,  GOP politicians in Texas have had a chance to stick it to us again and once more this current redistricting is all about them, and not about fair redistricting...they divide communities, they make districts shapes so much like the original "gerrymander" it's not even close to funny.  (My Congressional district is shaped more like a snake than a rational district.

You can't expect anything else of them, of course.   Last week or the week before, they joyfully announced that they were going to spend over $2 million dollars from the state's development fund and give multiple-year tax cuts to e-Bay so e-Bay would open a facility in Texas...because e-Bay might bring in as many as a thousand jobs.   This at the same time they've chopped education funding so that thousands of teachers are being laid off and school are closing.   State funds for all areas providing service to the public, from parks (including closure of several state parks)  to libraries to Medicaid, MHMR, child protective services, etc. have been chopped because of the GOP created deficit and Perry's refusal to use the funds designated for emergency use. 

What kind of jobs is e-Bay going to bring in?   Even in numbers it's not enough to offset the job losses these other cuts will produce in a cascade, as jobless teachers can't pay for the things they now use--it will impact everything from grocery stores to plumbing contractors and the real estate market may dive again.   (Perry brages about the jobs supposedly created by his "economic initiatives" but they were only about a third in number of the jobs lost in the same period, and many of the "new" jobs were low-paying...as I suspect the e-Bay jobs--should they ever materialize--will be.

But with the GOP in control of the Texas legislature,  with the power to set district boundaries,  they can make districts 150 miles long and a mile wide if it suits them. 
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