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Tending to My Knitting

Long, long ago (45 years, thereabouts) my mother taught me to knit.  (That's after wasting years trying to teach me to sew...)   I took to knitting.  I knitted a fair amount of simple things for some years after that, as time allowed (the USMC, a second degree, and graduate school interfered somewhat...)  Then came here, with EMS duties, an adopted kid who turned out to be autistic, and serious writing, and the knitting sat in the corner and waited.

That was then.   Now, thanks to the knitters on Robin McKinley's blog, and some hand pain that I thought knitting might help,  I began to think about knitting and finally one night, in a fit of whatever, tried to cast on using pencils for knitting needles.  And lo, it worked (amazing, really.)   Admitting this on McKinley's blog led to nudging that verged on shoving, and I busily worked through casting on, remembering the knit and purl stitches, making and unraveling little patches, etc.  And then I found a project (a blanket for The Linus Connection)  and ordered yarn and ran up a gauge patch (tonight before choir practice) to see if 7 was the right size needle.  On my earlier practice patches, I was using size 4s, and some old wool yarn of my mother's.   For the blanket project, I needed a machine-washable yarn, so went to nylon/acrylic.

I decided early on (before looking for the right yarn) that I wanted to make blankets that would appeal to both boys and girls (girls who liked not-typical-girl colors) and in a larger-than-baby-toddler size.  I remember as a kid liking richer colors than kids my age (especially girls) were supposed to like.  The yarn I ordered did not exactly match the color in the on-line catalog (and I didn't expect it to--everything from the light in which it's photographed to the color balance of my monitor would almost ensure it wouldn't) and I'm sure the pictures below won't really match it either.   However: there's the multi-colored yarn that will be most of the blanket, and a green multi that will be stripes on it, and a sea-colors ball that will be for a different project.   

This yarn (Berroco "Comfort" worsted weight 100 gram skein)  is very comfortable to work with.  The knitting gauge on the skein suggests US size 8 or 9 needles, but I like the look I'm getting with 7s.  I may try a patch with 8s or 9s to see.  I still haven't found all my mother's knitting equipment.   

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