e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 04-21-2011

  • 06:28:21: RT @NatureNews: Oil spills underreported in Mexican Gulf http://goo.gl/fb/b5T8P
  • 06:30:14: RT @USGS: [VIDEO] Launching first episode of a new series called Climate Connections this morning. For now, a preview: http://1.usa.gov/ ...
  • 07:33:00: RT @gbrumfiel: VIDEO The Fukushima nuclear crisis explained in under 5 minutes: http://j.mp/g5oU4L
  • 10:05:40: Misty-moisty morning--no rain in forecast but about 80 and humid, so went out and mowed in the field for more fire prevention (we hope.)
  • 10:06:11: Then the sun came out, it got distinctly warmer, and a brisk breeze came up--came back in.
  • 10:46:50: Still can't find my mother's circular needles. Or any 8s or 9s. Need to visit a shop or order online. #knitting
  • 11:26:22: Knitting needle preferences: bamboo, wood, plastic, metal??? I've used wood, plastic, & aluminum, never bamboo...opinions? #knitting
  • 11:55:24: I started with v. old wooden needles, loved 'em. Can't find that old pair now. :-( Then used aluminum. W'd love to have wood again.
  • 22:15:57: How do you figure how long a cable you need on circular needles? #knitting

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