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Needle, Yarn, and a Creeping Start

Today I found the posh (or maybe only one of the posh) yarn shops in Austin, Gauge.   As I (and the entire alto section) had totally blown an entrance to one of the pieces we sang during the Good Friday service, I was determined to make something come right...and finding Gauge and buying a circular needle did the trick.  I had been looking online at many kinds of needles: bamboo, wood, plastic, metal.   I don't have a problem with aluminum needles and I've used wood (very old wooden needles in the family, which I can't now find, just like I can't find my mother's circular needles.   But Gauge carried KnitPicks brand of wooden needles, rather garishly colored (think of "pick up sticks" colors) but very smooth...and interchangeable on the ends of their matching cables.  

That's what I got--a pair of #7 tips and a 40 inch cable and some little ring-shaped stitch markers.   I carefully avoided the yarns.  (They have gorgeous yarn.  Of course.)    Came home and started casting on for my project, 180 stitches.   Despite checking again how long a "tail" you're supposed to have for long-tail cast-on, my almost-10 feet of tail was not enough.   But lo...I joined it to yarn from another ball, and continued on.  (Yes, there's a messy bit.  Too bad.)    I put stitch markers where I'm going to change the pattern, and went on and knit a row.   I like the new needles, but I'm not used to working flat on a cable...something new learned...and I'm not yet used to exactly how much slip/grip the surface is, having been practicing basic stitches on aluminum needles (much more slippery.)   Altogether a good side trip on the way home after church.  I may knit another row before bed.
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