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Aha.  Found the add-image icon.  Not at the top left, but on the toolbar, right in the middle.   This little guy, which is dusted with pollen from, of all things, wild onion flowers, is a four-spotted checkered beetle.  When I first saw it, I thought it was a lady beetle--little red beetle, black spots, easy mistake.  But it was the wrong shape, and then I saw those amazing reindeer-antler antennae.  Supposedly they're common on rose-family flowers in early spring--pyracantha, plums, etc--but I never saw one before in my life, and I've been photographing things on the wild plum flowers for several years.   Some people think wildlife management is all about deer, quail, and turkey--with an occasional songbird or fish or turtle--but if you don't have the invertebrates at the base of the pyramid, you don't have a healthy system.  There's a lot of stuff smaller and less obvious than this beetle, but a lot of it is hard to photograph...so I'm sticking to "above-ground and can be seen by human eyes" for now. 
Tags: beetle, insect, wildlife managment

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