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Do Not Call means DO NOT CALL

I find it more than a little annoying that politicians are allowed to evade the "Do Not Call" list restrictions, and thus ring one's phone any time they please.   They always want something: a vote, a campaign contribution...they're just as needy and intrusive as the guy who used to call trying to sell me aluminum siding or funeral services.    But what really, REALLY chaps my hide is the increasing use of taped calls...you don't even get the live politician or one of his/her flunkies/supporters on the line, you get a thrice damned recording.   My own Congresscritter, with whom I'm not in agreement (and for whom I did not vote)  does this, and he always sounds like someone panicky and a bit unstable and orders me to "Stay on the line."   I don't.  I might if he were really there (or even an aide were really there) and if he would hold a normal conversation with me (which would involve his listening to what I've emailed and written him multiple times before) but of course he doesn't have time for me.   He sends his recorded paranoia instead.   Which is, at root, extremely rude.

"This is Mike Huckabee," began the most recent, in the same half-panicky, half-eager tone of voice I'm familiar with from my Congresscritter.  Mr.
Huckabee is not my Congressman, nor my U.S. Senator, nor a member of my state's legislature.  I am familiar with Mr. Huckabee's views from his participation in earlier national campaigns, and it would probably startle him to know that I consider him unChristian and unAmerican, not the Christian patriot he thinks himself.    But he is not familiar enough with me to know that having a phone bank service send me his recorded voice urging me to respond immediately to kill health care legislation...is not going to gain my support.

It is the height of rudeness to use the phone service I pay for to send me recorded messages that take up my time.   Such recorded messages should be illegal.  But at least getting us on the Do Not Call list has excluded recorded messages from  the septic tank cleaning service and the home remodeling company.  I would prefer that all beggars (which definitely includes politicians) be excluded by the Do Not Call list.   If politicians are allowed to evade the Do Not Call list at all, they should be required to call each person "live"--individually--and allot a minimum of 10 minutes per call to listening to--not talking at--the citizen they call. 

Needless to say, I will not vote for, or contribute to the campaign of, anyone who uses recorded messages to call voters.   In fact, I will be motivated to contribute generously to an opponent's campaign. 

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