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Tending to My Knitting

As of today, the Project is over three inches long.   When it's four inches long, I'll start the pattern (which will be four inches of garter stitched border on either side, and blocks of stockinette and garter stitch between them, down to the bottom border of garter stitch.    Here's the Project draped over the arm of a chair in the yard, where I've taken to knitting a row or two out by the water garden.   It's a solid 40 inches wide and I'm really glad I have a 40" circular needle.

Today while knitting outside (two rows)  I saw a gorgeous male painted bunting take a bath in the upper end, a little Empidonax flycatcher (not sure which one), cardinals, bluejays, mockingbirds, both Bewick's and Carolina wrens,  white-winged and Inca doves, and a Common Yellowthroat warbler.
Tags: birds, knitting
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