e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Flip-flop idiocy

Remember those Republicans who waved flip-flops at Senator Kerry because (gasp, horror) he had changed his mind on various things after learning more about them? 

Consider Senator Craig.  First he pled guilty to soliciting sex in the men's room at an airport.   Then he said he wasn't guilty, but had pled guilty to avoid publicity (huh?  And how was that supposed to work, exactly?)   Then he said that even though he hadn't actually done anything, and wasn't gay, he was going to resign his Senate seat at the end of September because...well, because.  Embarrassment to his party or something like that.

And now he wants to change his guilty plea to not-guilty.   And--despite promising that he would resign his Senate seat, now he's not going to.  Or not right away.   It depends.

Apparently it depends on his fickle attention span and  wavering sense of direction.   I can't imagine why the people of Idaho would want to be represented in the Senate by someone who is dumb enough to think that there's any way to spin being caught in a sex-solicitation sting that won't generate negative publicity and harm reputations, including his own and his party's....or someone with so little ability to "stay the course" that he flipflops about how to plead and whether to resign.  How can they trust anything he says?  How can they trust his judgment?  

Where are the flip-flops now?  

Tags: politics
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