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Snippet & knitting

There's a new snippet from Book IV of Paladin's Legacy up at the Paksworld blog.    Also a couple of pictures of the current knitting projects--but I'm putting up a different image of Project #2 here, to show how the variegated yarn looks over the length of the piece.   Project #2 is a 6 inch wide scarf, done with Berocco Comfort yarn (Sanibel Island) on size 8 (American)  KnitPicks acrylic needle tips and a short cable:

I am loving this yarn--it has an incredibly soft, cuddly hand.   Project #1 is in the same yarn but a different color blend (you can see it on the Paksworld blog.)   I'm finding the acrylic needles good for travel because they're a bit grippier and thus the yarn doesn't slide off too easily when traveling.   Otherwise I prefer the wooden needle tips because they aren't so grippy and particularly on the wide projects like #1 (40 inches wide) it helps to have the stitches move easily along the needles.
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