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Home Improvement: Paint

This is what our kitchen wall (the one that's not cabinets) looked like before:

We did not like the faux-wood paneling, and the new chairs--which looked great with the honey-colored cabinets--pushed us to get serious about changing that wall.  

An intermediate step was looking at paint chips in the store and getting a little jar of sample to put on the wall, where it looked really silly for a couple of days, as we looked at the color as light changed through the day.

Then came the wall painting itself (preceded by cleaning the wall, taping edges, and a lot of furniture moving.)

And finally, the furniture back in place again:

We like it a lot.  There will be a picture or so on that wall (not the same one, though) and there's more painting to do (around behind the refrigerator...we didn't feel like moving it today.

Tags: home improvement, painting
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