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Husband's surgery was Monday; today I brought him home.   The biopsy was negative.  The week has been...difficult.    Some other difficulties lie ahead.  But at the moment--he's home, it's not cancer, things are looking good.  With the realization that "looking good" can change to "oh, sh!t" in a moment, we are nonetheless rejoicing.

I was correct in my guess that I'd get almost no writing done this week (did manage a little) and most of that was due to sheer exhaustion, both physical (doing his part of the chores around here as well as mine as well as the heat) and emotional.   There was neither time nor energy for writing.  Totally different schedule than I've been on, where writing comes first in the day, with breaks for housekeeping stuff, and outdoor time in the evening.   Because the heat, I was hurrying out at or before dawn to start the morning chores.

I'll still be doing the outside chores, but will not have the longish drive to the hospital and back in the heat of the day, so that'll help. 

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