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Lazy Cooking: one technique

I'm supposed to be writing something else, but this is easier (for lazy cook and writer).    To get a nice even covering of herbs/seasonings on the whatever-you're-about-to-bake--or on one side of it, at least--put down a layer of it on the bottom of the baking dish.  For instance, sprinkle a layer of herbs and paprika and coarse-ground black pepper and salt on the baking dish, lay pieces of chicken skin-side-down on it and rock them back and forth.  Sprinkle the visible side with salt and pepper (and the other flavors, if you want) When turned over, they have a lovely even coating of the flavor-stuff on the skin side.   Sometimes I prefer to put the salt and pepper on the skin side separately after turning them back over.   For something like a pork loin I put the layer of flavorings down, then roll the pork loin over in the pan, starting at one side, and the whole thing gets coated in one move.

Before I tried this, I had trouble getting an even coating onto things, but now--easy, and it looks better. 

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