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GOP's War on Americans

The Republicans have really outdone themselves so far in all these televised debates between their candidates...I don't think I can possibly list all the goodies in the bag, but it's clear that both their candidates and their audience (carefully screened for ideological purity)  are staunchly in favor of killing people (both the death penalty--they'd rather kill the innocent than fail to kill a guilty person--and sick people who cost more than their families can afford), forcing women to bear unwanted children (which the Republicans won't want to support, educate, or employ, of course),  forcing women to bear children even if that risks the mother's life, and booing soldiers who admit to being gay.

It's clear that to these Republicans, everyone already born is expendable.   Only the unborn are worthy of effort to save their lives, and only until they're born.  After that--because a child once born needs things that cost money--they're a liability and as expendable as everyone else.   It doesn't matter if there's doubt about someone's guilt--get a conviction by however flawed a process for a death-penalty offence, and kill 'em.  No second look, no review of evidence, just...kill 'em.   People whose medical costs are too high?  Let 'em die.  We don't need 'em.   Women whose health or life is at risk with pregnancy?  She should have thought of that before she "got herself pregnant" (a telling phrase--she went out an found some sperm and stuffed it up her vag, did she?) and anyway, her life's not worth as much as the unborn child.  Though, when the child is born, it has worth only until it needs something: medical care, food, housing, clothing, schooling, a job.  Then it's a liability.  In fact, the unborn has worth only in talking points, because the GOP has certainly not supported ensuring that all pregnant women have adequate nutrition, adequate living conditions, adequate medical care, to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Workers who lose their jobs are expendable--cut off unemployment early, and force them back to work (even if there is none.)   Families who lose their homes when they can't pay their mortgage are expendable--they should have managed better.   The homeless?  Expendable.  Buncha bums who should be run out of town.  Giving them shelter or food just encourages them.  (It's GOP-dominated areas that laws have been passed preventing even "faith-based charities" from feeding the hungry..looks bad for business to have a line of hungry people waiting on the sidewalk.)  

And soldiers--that was an even bigger shock to me, as both a veteran and a person who thought all Republicans were pro-military and supported the troops--seems soldiers are expendable not only as casualties of the wars Republicans are so hot to fight (with someone else's sons and daughters) but do not count at all if they should happen to have any opinions or "lifestyle" these Republicans don't like.  Such as being gay.  Such as (after DADT lapsed) admitting that they're gay.   So the audience booed the soldier who admitted it, and who wanted assurance that Republican candidates would not reinstate DADT.   His service didn't count (none of the candidates, in later comments, even bothered to thank him for it.)   Hey!  GOP-folks!  Listen up!   He's in a war zone.  He's been shot at; he faces death and disability day and night.   He is serving his country right now, and he has been for years.   What are YOU doing?  You're sitting on your fat arses in comfort and security his service protects, and you have the utter gall to boo him?  Some patriots you are.  NOT.   Shame on you!  (Yes, I'm mad.  I'm a vet, Vietnam era--my husband too--and we know what it's like to be booed.)

That's really...sad.  None of the candidates has spoken up to moderate the viciousness of the Republican audience (gosh...they might lose a vote if they showed compassion, moderation, even common sense.)  As for the candidate who said sex had no place in the military...I can hear the derisive jeers of the military around the world.   You can have a sexless military only if you castrate everyone, male and female, and boy would that drop recruitment into the cellar. 

So basically, the vocal and public GOP is eager to kill and let die and exclude quite a large number of Americans.    Well, you know what?  They want a war, they just might get one they don't like.    Though I'm an old vet and would strongly prefer to vote their sorry unAmerican unpatriotic selves out of office from now until however long it takes them to quit acting like spoiled, overentitled, vicious brats.  But booing a serving soldier for admitting he's gay...ye gods, people.  That's disgusting.

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