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Project 5 grows...

Today I made a mistake with Project 5, purling a row I should have knit.  Ordinarily, I'd know how to fix that, or just decide to put a ridge  there and call it a design element.  But this time...this time I knew the purl row would just look silly.  Yet I didn't know how to rip back to the previous row when there were those "drop yarn-overs, make a new yarnover" combinations.   I thought about it, picked it up, put it down, grumped...and finally just started slowly taking it apart.  This yarn is so fat that it's not quite as easy to see as a firmly, slightly less plump yarn...but I did it.   And fixed it.  YAY.

Here's what it looks like this evening, laid out on a chair covered with a red towel to make it easier to see.

Because the pattern is basically stockinette, the edges curl in toward the purl side, making almost a complete column of the knit stitches...it looks sort of like a fancy braid.  And it's comfortable around the neck (yes, I tried as soon as it was long enough.)    You can tell I've used over half the yarn in this skein--I didn't worry too much about gauge, though the last time I checked it was pretty close.  I'll see how long it is when I'm through the skein and if I think it needs more, I'll add on some from the other skein.   I suspect I won't want it too long--it's "loose" enough that snagging is a concern.

EDIT:  Here's a closeup of the look, a detail of above image:

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