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Thanksgiving Eve

It is a beauteous evening, calm and free...cloudless sky, light breeze has died.  It was lovely all day.  But...it's Thanksgiving Eve and I have wonderful friends coming tomorrow, so my day was not spent lounging about the yard enjoying the cool, crisp air and sunshine.   Instead, it was spent inside, frantically trying to cram two days' work into one, because along with time lost to Messiah rehearsals in the middle of my planned T-day prep, there were other complications.  One falls under Miss Manners' heading of what one never discusses and even Suzette Hayden Elgin considered a guaranteed bad topic.  The other was merely...interesting.

One of the two non-matching dining room tables that we put end to end to make a long one is the dining table of my childhood--it's over 60 years old.  I flipped off its protective sheet and discovered that sometime in the past year it had delaminated on the underside of the leaf, leaving a flap of veneer hanging down ready to hit a guest's knee.   Spouse's trip to the city allowed him to pick up some Gorilla Glue (tm) and yesterday evening we glued & clamped it in place.  This picture was taken after removing some of the clamps, this morning.  Yardsticks were used to brace the clamps on the end, and catalogs on the side.

The other table presented a different problem. It, too, is made of two tables placed end to end.  But I made those tables out of 3/4 inch plywood (42 inches wide, 48 inches long)  with metal folding legs screwed on below, and painted on top.   I had at one time two additional tablecloths long enough for the dual-table coverage (on either pair)--a light green and an autumny rust-orange.   I really liked using a dark blue on one table and the burnt-rust-orange color on the other for Thanksgiving, and white on one and green on the other for spring parties.  I couldn't find either this week. Finally spouse recalled that he had moved various things down to the storage unit (mostly books, but also other things) while I was finishing a book last year....and thinks he may have put them in a box because they were just sitting folded on the tables.   The only other tablecloth remotely long enough is a beige one that lacks an inch of reaching end to end.  We didn't have time to drive to the storage unit (in another city) and dig through all the boxes "in case" they were there.   So...I made a design out of not having a tablecloth long enough.   Two similarly light-colored plaid tablecloths, folded in half, to cover the ends and hang down the right amount, and another tablecloth folded and placed in the middle to set off the center decoration.

The center decorations this year are little bitty herb gardens that were at the grocery store I like--I'll plant the herbs in larger post, but meanwhile they look interesting on the tables.   With the other table back together and its cloth on, this is what the whole thing looks like at the moment.

Once everything's laid out, plates and serving dishes and so on, it'll be quite festive, and the 19 or 20 we expect to show up tomorrow will have better chairs than last year.  (No folding chairs anymore--got rid of the collection of old, non-matching, creaky, about-to-break folding chairs we'd used for years.  This year everyone gets a real chair.  With a cushion on the library chairs.

And now--the pumpkin pie's about ready to come out of the oven and there's lots more to do.  (Already baked today:  brownie pie, two apple-gingerbread upside-down cakes,  a gingerbread/apple/walnut loaf.)

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