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Table by Day

Fairly early this morning, I went back over to gloat (yes, gloat) over New Table and take pictures of it in enough light, really.    Also to check how the spacing of chairs went with five on a side (thus seating 12),  check spacing with the overflow table, check how much room there would be for serving dishes between place settings, and...to gloat.  Of course.

Overflow table is on the right with a white cover.  New Table is set up for ten, but with all leaves in.   Overflow table will actually be another few inches away from the big one.   There's a...um...mild difficulty when robust people are sitting back to back at the two tables and someone needs to go up the "aisle" between them.  Every inch of clearance counts.   (This room wasn't built for what we use it for, but if I built such a room, it would be at least 24 feet square to allow easy clearance around and between tables no matter the size of diners.   And I'd probably add a few more feet lengthways to have an uninterrupted serving counter--20 feet of it--along one or both ends.   But I'm very luck to have the use of this room, so not planning to tear it off and start over.)
Gently set some plates, a turkey platter, and a vegetable bowl on it to see what that looked like and how serving dishes would fit with various spacing of place settings (picture taken between adjustments, so it looks a little strange, maybe.)  Of course, when actually eating there, the table will have protection--place mats, runners, or tablecloth, and trivets for serving dishes with hot stuff. 

Finally, a comparison of the "five chairs a side" (near) to the "four chairs a side" (far)  with the table at full length.
Then I ran my hands over the top of it again, and sat down at it...yes, gloating again...before heading back to work.  Well, work after the pictures were up.

EDIT:   New pictures from Wednesday: added small Christmas decoration and then spread out long (LONG) piece of red & white checked gingham that had been folded in the linen closet for years as protection for the table--forgive the rumpled look.

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