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Life with horses: good news!!

I got to the clinic just as the vet called my cellphone (would've been there five minutes before without some delays on the road...)   He had just gotten the X-rays developed, so the timing was about perfect. 

And the good news is--no rotation on the near fore and such minimal rotation on the off fore that he thinks the coffin bone and laminae are still attached.  The problem, he thinks, is much more Mac's very thin soles, only about half the thickness they should be.    We discussed therapy (a supplement that improves blood flow to the hoof capsule, and has helped horses grow a thicker sole, in his experience, plus padding the entire sole for awhile at least), trimming (level with the sole, so it bears weight evenly, can take off some of the flare), other management (confined in the dry lot until he's comfortable without Bute, so he doesn't run around and bruise the sole more., take some more weight off him.)    If he can't become comfortable without Bute and eventually without pads, shoe the fronts (which I hate to do, with the odd shape, thin walls as well as soles...but may have to do for riding, assuming I ever get to ride him again.)  The vet thinks he can improve, become sound, and while he'll always have narrow, thin-walled and thin-soled feet, it should be manageable long-term.

Good news, good news, good news!!!

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