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Orbit's "12 Days of Ebooks" list

Orbit UK has been discussing 12 of its writers on a "12 Days of Ebooks" list--and tweeting about the list.   This link gives you the whole list, but opens on my entry, because...well... why not?

I found it interesting that although my next book with them is epic fantasy--the third of the Paladin's Legacy group, Echoes of Betrayal--they started with the military SF.   I don't mind--I'm delighted to be part of this list at all--and I like that they're talking about more than just the next book.    It makes sense, with the present audience focused on the current group of books, to bring up the others first. 

The list doesn't provide extra links (to the authors' websites, blogs, etc.)  so just in case there's someone reading this who doesn't know:  the current group has its own dedicated website with a lot of information about the previous books and the world in which they're set--places, people, religions, etc., and one free short story.   And there's an embedded blog where (at the moment) I'm putting out my own "12 days"--this one of episodes in a side-story that fits between Kings of the North and Echoes of Betrayal. 

Tags: fantasy, military sf, orbit uk, science fiction, the writing life

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