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Sock Progress: SockTwo Grows

While at the FYE Conference in San Antonio over the weekend, I had enough waiting time and time between things to knit...and I met some other knitters, too.    When I arrived, Sock Two was less than half the length of Sock One.   I worked on Sock Two only for the weekend,  and now Sock Two's cuff is markedly longer: 

Sock Two is on the left in both pictures; Sock One is the same in both pictures.

After a rough start with them (losing stitches off the points),  both the steel needles and working in a square and not a triangle are now familiar and comfortable.    If I had more sets of the right size, I might be tempted to start yet another pair.  The cuff of Sock Two progressed faster and with fewer (not yet no!) mistakes than the cuff of Sock One.

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