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Brief Sock Report

Both socks reached their desired cuff-ribbing length tonight.   Next comes about an inch of stockinette in the round, then the heel flaps.


Many imperfections (mistakes) are visible in the "upright" picture (flash washed out some of them) but the decision early on to plow ahead and rip out as little as possible has kept the momentum as you can see.   Sock One (Left) has had two stitches added to match Sock Two's 64.  Should have done it much sooner, but...that happened today.  Nobody will ever mistake my socks for theirs, with all the mistakes in the cuffs.  However--fewer as I went along.  The next pair should be neater yet.   Looking at the socks my mother made, with their perfectly even stitches--no mistakes anywhere--I have a ways to go.  But the start is here.  (Those sacks?  Each sock and its ball of yarn lives stays in its sack.  Otherwise the loose ends get tangled up.)

Tags: knitting, socks
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