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Sockin' to Myself: More than a Cuff

One sock now has a growing heel flap.   Today I photographed it "posing" on its ball of yarn as if that were the foot. 

L: Front of sock (a half inch of stockinette below ribbing doesn't show: too curly. 
R: Side of sock, with heel flap hanging down behind.  Heel flap's on a cable.

Heel flap will be longer soon. 

I keep putting my foot through the top of the cuff to check the size..and now, with the heel flap, it has some resemblance to a sock--like a wrist-warmer's relationship to a glove.   When this heel flap is done, I'll do the other sock's heel flap, and then...it's 'turning the heel' time.   (Note today's "accomplished" mood.  This may not last when the heel-turning part is going on!)  I was able to knit a couple of rows before choir rehearsal this morning and another between first and second service.
Tags: knitting, socks
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