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Socks, Heels, Birthday

As a present to myself, I wanted to turn the heels of the socks today.   I had read YarnHarlot's sock instructions in her Knitting Rules repeatedly.  I had stared at and fingered the moth-eaten sock left of my mother's work.  I had looked at some YouTube videos.   That's when I discovered that in making my heel flap (using half the stitches, as recommended)  I had not correctly slipped a stitch at the beginning of each row.  Hm.  Oh, well, I said to myself.  And this morning, I pulled out SockOne, looked at two more videos, and began.   SockOne's short-rows proceeded with only a few...um...minor errors, like forgetting to knit (or purl) a stitch after doing the decrease, but...oh well.  So it wasn't perfectly symmetrical.  SockTwo would be better.

This is SockOne's finished heel rows draped over the end of its yarn ball.  The right-angle turn is definitely there.   The below is SockOne on my foot, over a plain black sock so it would show up well.
Full of confidence after the success of SockOne's heel turn, I picked up SockTwo and started again, this time widening the back of the heel and being more careful about the details of the procedure.   Until, that is, I managed to purl a knit row, and then managed to not notice it until several rows later.  (Given the distinctly different look of the front and back of stockinette, I can't explain this except to say that counting stitches must've blinded me to the obvious.) 

L:  SockTwo's shape is more symmetrical and the decreases smoother, but that ridge of purl across the smooth stockinette knit stitches was not in the plan.   R: SockTwo on my foot, same as with SockOne.  Hard to see the turn of the heel with flash, but it's there, and it fits a little better than Sock One.

Panic ensued, but was later assuaged by a phone conversation with Knitting Goddess Melanie who shrugged off the effect of one different row on a heel.  "Just tell them this is how you do your socks."  Unsaid, but clearly heard, was "And next time, sweetie, don't make that mistake."   In the meantime, I'd had to rush off to the city for voice lesson and choir practice.   When I got home, I finished SockTwo's short rows.  The pictures aren't great, as it's hard to get good knitting pictures at night--the flash washes out the details.  But SockTwo's wider heel looks better to me. 

Both socks now have their heels.  Gussets begin in the next day or so, depending on weather. 
Tags: knitting, socks
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