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Blue Socks: progress

The blue pair achieved "ribbing done" this week and are on the shorter stockinette part of their tops.  Although the photos of the first socks were not as clear (some done at night indoors) it's clear to me that there are fewer problems...mistakes...messy bits...in the ribbing this time.  On the left is Sock B, presently two rows of stockinette ahead of Sock A...and "standing" on Sock A's needles, so it looks even taller.

You can just see a little of the stockinette rows below the ribbing on Sock B.   The dangling tails mark the joining of the needles, the start of the rows; the red yarn tags originally reminded me which side was "inside" and which "outside" when the knitting was so short it could easily reverse itself through the needles.  Also, I didn't have to look for the tails to know if I was starting a new row.

These socks are going a little faster (not trying to push for speed alone--cramps my hands) and I'm making fewer mistakes, noticing them earlier, and fixing them sooner.   And I suppose, over this many rows, the four fewer stitches per row makes a considerable difference. 
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