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Blue Socks: more progress

The second pair of socks have made considerable progress, and last night I turned the heels of both.   Here's what the pair looks like, seen from the back: ribbed cuff, a little over an inch of stockinette below the cuff, then the heel flap, with the turned heels at the bottom of the picture:

The front of the sock (where the top of the foot will be) is on the bottom in the this picture, with its needles sticking out of it. The sides of the heel flap appear to slant in to the turned heel.   It's hard to see in this photo that the heels really have turned. so here are a couple more pictures:

Here the heels are "nose to nose" or "heel to heel," forming an arch and with the central stitches pointing "down" (what will be forward, on the bottom of the foot, when the sock is on.   Unlike the heels of the first (red) pair, these heels look alike and are smoother. 

And here they are side by side, again showing that they're the same size and shape.  Hurray, I said last night.   Now all I have to do (!!) is pick up the stitches along the sides of the heel flap, reconnect at the top to the front/top of the sock, do the gusset, then the foot, and then...somewhere in the front and future...the toes.    And I'd better do it pretty quickly, as I need to get these, and another pair, done by the end of May.   Along with quite a good-size chunk of the next book and various other things that need doing.

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