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Lifestuff and Major Distractions

And minor ones, too.   It has been a week of ample numbers of both that kept me away from LJ because (for computer reasons I don't entirely get) it takes longer and is harder to post here than some other places.  Listing the symptoms I know about would take longer than I have (LifeStuff & Distractions still being very active.)    It's quick to post to Twitter (only 140 characters, after all) and quicker to post to my site-based blogs, although I can rarely do more than one a day, so two are orphans while one gets the work.   And why, you may wonder, would I show up here to make excuses for why I've been away from here?   Largely out of guilt for neglecting this group.

But I do have one distraction to report on, that's leading up to something that may be entertaining for some of you.  BBC Radio asked me to be on their program The Forum, for a discussion of Future Wars.   This is the first time I've discussed future warfare with anyone other than SF writers/fans or military folk who were SF fans.   It won't be same-old same-old.    I'm delighted to be part of this particular discussion.  

Since they're in London and I'm not (and no, it was not possible to make a quick trip to the UK to be there--thanks to other LifeStuff)  this involved quite a flurry of email traffic between my UK publisher's publicity person and me, some delayed emails (I don't know if mine back were delayed, but some of hers to me took a couple of days to waft here) and then another flurry of email traffic between the BBC and me, and then a phone call yesterday.   I'm not accustomed to overseas phone calls--they're still a big deal--but the connection was very, very clear.   BBC had to find a studio they could use, here in Texas;  I had to figure out where it was (well, actually, when they sent the address, I knew I wouldn't have a problem finding it.  A friend has agreed to drop me off across the street from it, so I don't have to worry about where to park.)

Now to get back to normal stuff (the book lost ground last week and early this, due to the excitement factor.  Need to get a normal day's work done today--and that means staying off the internet until it is.  Except for this.)

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