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Eye to Eye of Patridge

 I'm now working on my third pair of socks, this one the same yarn (Ella rae Classic, 100% wool) but bright green, and I'm still tinkering with the design.   (For instance, this pair has a four stitch decrease spread around four needles  just below the cuff ribbing.)    For the heel flap, I decided to go with one of the "reinforcing" stitches, and went with Eye of Partridge just because I hadn't seen it before.   Turns out it's kind of a finicky thing (for someone who likes to knit in a rhythm and just rock along thinking of something else.)   This means I'm slower on this heel flap than I was on the previous ones, and this on a pair of socks I really need to get done pretty quickly, before I go to a convention. 

However, here's where I am on one of the socks (having speared the heel flap with a knitting needle to keep it from curling so much I couldn't photograph it.)


(R) Eye of Partridge stitch above, stockinette below      (L) Wrong, or "inside" of heel flap showing EP purl above, regular below

I don't think I'll be using it on heel flaps again--will try "heel stitch" instead--but may use it on small decorative areas, as on afghan or scarf segments.   Also don't think it looks much like a partridge's eye, but as there are thousands of stitch patterns, finding unique and appropriate names for each one must be difficult.  

Since I didn't do the sensible thing and do a pattern swatch before starting it, I know it's affecting my gauge but not how much.  (Yes, sometimes it really is smart to do that swatch ahead of time.  Sigh.  Well, I have two more balls of green yarn to play with, if these socks turn out to be a very difficult fit...)

Another bit of advice-from-experience: don't try a new stitch pattern when you're in a hurry and have a hard deadline on when something must be done.  Too late now for me, but maybe that will help someone else.   If I'd just knitted the heel flaps in stockinette, as I did the first two pairs of socks, I'd be a lot closer to turning the heels (which I'd planned to do today...I would've finished the heel flaps yesterday or early today.   Minor adjustments done with fitting, like the 4 stitch decrease mentioned above, don't slow you down nearly as much as having to remember which row you're on for patterning.  If Interrupted, I can stop stockinette anywhere--I'm either knitting or purling whole rows at a time, and all the knit and purl rows are the same.  Here...no.

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