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Is That Me on a BBC Radio program? Yes!

Yesterday, I sat in a basement recording studio in Austin, connected via satellite (already SFnal!) to a BBC-radio studio in London.  I was participating in a panel discussion on Future Wars on the BBC Radio World Service series "The Forum."   Fellow panelists were David Rodin and Elizabeth Quintana.   I confess to some nervousness--though I've done radio interviews before, and panel discussions before, I've never done a long-distance panel discussion like this, where the others have the facial and body-language cues and I don't.  So it was fairly intense concentration--an interesting challenge.   The BBC helped me prepare for this with ample information about the process,  and the other participants (as well as what I'd looked up on the internet.)

"The Forum" has a superb moderator, who managed to keep us all more or less on track and moving forward, without being a tyrant about it--there was natural flow to the conversation.  I enjoyed it immensely.    There's information on broadcast times in the UK, plus links to the podcast or--if you want to check it out later--the archives of the series--below the cut.  This is what the BBC sent me.

UK tx times, on DAB, cable, Freeview are: Sat 19th May 23:05, Sun 20th May 02:05, 12:05

Go to: http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/programmeguide/  for times outside the UK - there are a number of US stations that take parts of BBC WS output so there may be one near you. It is also available on satellite radio.  (BTW if clicking on any of the links on this page doesn't work - or if you get asked for passwords - please copy and paste them into your browser)

It will also be available online (as a stream or download/podcast) from Sunday, at


and it will be permanently available in The Forum archive:


You can also access the programme or point others to it via Itunes and similar podcatchers.

And now it's back to work on the current book, and on knitting, after a notable Knitting Fail yesterday when I had to rip one project back to plain yarn.  

It was one of the red socks that are in line after the green socks.   I should've taken a picture of it at its worst, but it developed a fatal illness that all my tinkering wouldn't cure--and the tinkering took hours of ripping, rescuing stitches, rearranging the rescued stitches back onto the right needles in the right order,  re-knitting...and when I saw that the flaw was not corrected even then....well, it was time to call it quits.    So that yarn is wound around its ball, in hopes that it will relax from its trials, and I'm going to start that sock again with fresh yarn (yes, I had another pair's worth of yarn in the same dye lot.)  Its twin never developed the problem, and its ribbed cuff looks like a ribbed cuff.  Still don't know what I did wrong, but I sincerely hope I never do it again.   Meanwhile, it's time to turn the heels of the green socks and get going on their feet.   The red socks should follow them, and a light blue pair--called "denim" by the yarn company--will follow the red, most likely. 

I wore the blue pair (second pair ever, also known as BlueOne) to the recording studio yesterday.   They've been washed and are drying now.   My feet were happy from 5:30 am, when I put them on, to midnight, when I took them off.

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