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And on the Home Front: Green Socks Have Heels

Today my husband and son are out of the house--husband went to the city, picked up son, and took him to the dentist, after which they'll go to a movie and eat.   So it was the perfect time to turn the heels of the green socks.  Yesterday's knitting was such a depressing event that I was a bit scared, even though I've now turned the heels of the other pairs successfully.   The heel turning went very smoothly, and I'm happy with the way the heels look. 


The "eye of partridge" stitch shows clearly on the heel flap.  I did the heel turn itself in stockinette.  The center portion of the heel (the part with stitches that run "straight" from the back of the leg around and under) has eight stitches.  That's the same as on the blue pair that preceded this pair.  The heel flap itself is 28 stitches, two stitches narrower than the blue pair's heel flap because I decreased four stitches below the cuff ribbing.   Now to pick up the stitches along the side of the heel flap and reconnect the heel to the top of the sock. 

With the family out of the house, I should be able to do this without interruption.  I'd like a nap, actually (short of sleep again last night) but it's too good a chance to miss.   It felt really good to have today's knitting do so well, after yesterday's fiasco.

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