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Because I have trouble seeing the stitches I need to pick up, along the sides of the heel flap, I pick them up with smaller-diameter needles, then knit them off the smaller ones and onto the size I'm using for the rest of the sock.  Working as I do with four "standing needles" and one "working" needle, a sock can already look like a dangerous object to non-knitters.    But adding the "heel flap side" needles after turning the heels means each sock has six needles...and so I coined the term "sockupine."    Here they are...

On the right, the sockupine with both heel-flap-stitches needles in place, and with the single needle across the bottom--makes the rectangular shape of the original heel flap clear.   On the left, the sockupine with the heel stitches divided again...each will pick up the flap stitches on one side of the flap, and then it'll be the four standing needles again, making a weird diamond shape   The left one shows the heel turn (toward the camera better than the right one.  If there were feet, they'd be pointed at the camera, toes level with the single horizontal needle in the right image.   This is the "Denim One" pair, and the blue looks bluer and less faded/gray than in real life.   (They've had been joined up yesterday but for power outages and storms...I can sort of do ribbing in the dim light of a rain-lashed window in the afternoon, but not anything as complicated as this, and I'm glad the top half of GreenTwo's ribbing will be well hidden under my slacks.  Turns out I can do ribbing,  but not perfectly.   I'm suspecting that my foremothers who knit by candlelight did not produce absolutely error-free knitting.)
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