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Imperial Moth (Eacles imperialis): new species on 80 acres

This morning, husband spotted a very large, very handsome yellow and brown moth on the city-supplied black trash container, nestled into a depression that runs on the back side of it.   After looking into a couple of books (whose pictures showed this species with different markings--it's variable) I found it on BugGuide.net    There's not a record of it for this county, so I uploaded an image to Butterflies and Moths of North America, the big lepidoptera database.   The regional expert for our area will confirm or deny my ID (but it's pretty darned obvious, this moth) and then it will become a data point.

Here's a big image of it.   It's still where it was in the morning.   According to what I read, it probably emerged last night--shortly before dawn--and will fly tonight to mate.  I hope it finds another one and we see more of these around. 


Tags: lepidoptera, moth, native, wildlife

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