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Arriving home from the NYC trip and almost immediately falling sick (a flu-like illness, but it either wasn't flu, or the flu shot taken before the trip changed its course somewhat) did nothing to accelerate writing, biking, or knitting.  Or, for that matter, house-cleaning, laundry, cooking...or anything else.

However, well at last, I'm back on track in all three areas.   

Writing--finished and emailed away an essay for an anthology.   Am mentally blocking out the next essay, a foreword for the tenth anniversary edition of The Speed of Dark, and making notes on the changes I thought of for Book V of the current series.   Unfortunately the writing I did on the way home seems to have been affected by whatever virus was about to take me down, esp. on the Chicago-to-Texas leg.   But ideas are percolating nicely.  Biking--ramped up the amount of bike-riding and associated walking (since I can't ride as far as I would like, yet--and pushing the bike along is also exercise.) Today rode almost all the way down to Main and back (almost, because of the broken and uneven pavement in the last 50 yards.)  That's almost a mile, and I also rode (or pushed the bike) on the land,  for just under a half hour.   Heart-rate monitor is helping me track progress and avoid overdoing things.   Riding the bike on the land is a lot more fun than the bike trainer indoors.   Knitting--the Turquoise One pair of socks aren't finished (they made great progress as far as Syracuse, NY on the train, and I turned the heels at my friend's house in Oswego, but slowed down after that.  However, I do expect to finish them before Thanksgiving; they're approaching the toe decreases.   (Ideally, finish them AND Red Three, so I can start on Turquoise Two and Purple One.)  I'm wearing all six finished pairs in sequence, and I can really tell he difference between the early pairs and the later ones.   Want more of the later kind. 

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