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Election Reaction

A victory for union and unity, for compassion, for understanding that "all of us" means "ALL of us".  A victory for knowledge, reason, and kindness over bigotry and ignorance and hatred and fear.  A victory for respect for others, for the freedom of individuals to make critical life choices, for the freedom to vote whatever the color of one's skin, the size of one's income.  A victory for "freedom and justice for all."  A victory for government "of the people, by the people, for the people" with the broadest interpretation of people.   A victory for taking responsibility.  A victory for me...and I firmly believe, for the country and the world.   We can be a much better nation...having voted for this, and not the other.

A defeat for mean-minded separatism, for racism, for lack of compassion, for thinking that "we" means the rich and "those people" don't count and are all lazy bums and leeches on the body politic.  A defeat for being dismissive of "nails ladies" and calling people "animals" (looking at you, rich lady going to a $50,000/plate dinner, and you, smartass young guy at the GOP National Convention throwing peanuts at a black reporter...and everyone else who thinks that way.)   A defeat for Ayn Randism. A defeat for four years of obstructionism, of putting "getting Obama out of office" over the welfare of the American people (another case of mean-mindedness.)   A defeat for class and race arrogance.   A defeat for a campaign founded and sustained on lies--hundreds of them,  some repeated over and over and some denied even when the proof was right there on video.   A defeat for excuses.  A defeat for refusal to take responsibility for behavior past and present.  A defeat for blaming others for those behaviors.   (The blame-game as they like to call it  is already going on in the losing party...it's the hurricane's fault.  It's Gov. Christie's fault.   It's always somebody else's fault when they don't get their way or something goes wrong.)

Victory does not signify perfection (something else the GOP fails to understand--if their guy does get elected, as GWB does, it does not make him God.)   Our President is not perfect.  Fortunately, he knows it.  (Unlike GWB, again.)   But our President is far more qualified than anyone the GOP put on the ballot to be our chief executive and commander in chief.   He is willing to face reality in multiple fields.   He is willing to consider the entire range of the US population--including the ones who hate him (but have generally prospered in the last four years)  when considering what's good for the country.  He can see beyond the next quarterly report.  His policies (hampered through they were by an intransigent Congress) kept this country from falling off the cliff economically and suffering as some EuroZone countries (and others elsewhere) have suffered.

Yes, I was and am an Obama supporter.   From the first time I had a chance to be, at our local precinct caucus over four years ago.   Signed my name on it then, and since.  I'm very glad he won...probably more glad than any previous Presidential candidate I've supported, because the contrast has become so very stark.

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