e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Tropical Lagoon Socks Finished

First wearing, with sandals.  The turquoise is more turquoise, and the blue more lavender.

Here the turquoise shows better, and one of the "hot purple" stripes (left sock.)
The pair of toe stripes are the same purple, but don't show up that way.
I like to wear socks "raw", without washing or blocking, the first time, so my feet can do the blocking in the course of a day's wear.   The socks are not as soft as they will be, but they're still comfortable enough to make my feet happy.  Only the ribbing stripe and the toe stripe are intended to match in position; the others are not really random, but they're not matching.  Having one of the yarns variegated helped with that, of course.   The purple yarn is Cascade 220 Orchid Heather, and it's a fascinating blend of blue and a strong hot pink/fuschia.

Now on to a regular royal blue pair and a pair of shorties whose color scheme I haven't picked yet.  I need three more pairs of the shorties for a good rotation, and wouldn't mind having more than that.

Anyone who's made socks before can easily make short socks for sandals or low shoes...I devised the formula for my version after seeing a picture of a quite different pair in a book (different yarn gauge, color, heel, toe, type of ribbing), just substituting what I wanted instead.  Whatever makes your feet happy is a good sock!

Tags: knitting, socks
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