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Socks: Name This One

So I had some leftover light-medium blue (same as on the sunset canyon pair, and the blue stripe on the first of the shorty socks) and some leftover emerald green, and quite a lot of Bitterroot Rainbow, and some other colors I knew I wasn't going to use for a whole sock.  And after holding various yarns together, this happened:


It will use up all the remaining blue (which is actually just a little lighter & "dustier" than that, a lot (but not all) of the green), both of which are Ella rae Classic yarn (blue is color #45, green is #90.)   The corn yellow is Cascade 220 Superwash, color #821  (and I don't want to use much of it, because that Superwash tends to go really limp after handwashing).  And the multi-colored yarn is the Bitterroot Rainbow from Mountain Colors, and is actually a bit brighter (so yes, I fiddled with the colors for the best overall realism.   in natural light from the window, the green is distinctly "brighter' than the blue.  For this pair, the foundation color (Color 1) is the blue--so it has the rolled edge, the "ankle" and heel flap, and will have the toe.  Color 2 is the Bitterroot Rainbow, and it and the green will have almost the same amount, I think.  I'm not counting the rows of each to make sure.  The alternate colors are all in the wide colored band that works the gussets.   I've considered making the toe stripe yellow.

The second sock isn't on the gusset yet--the heel's turned, but I got excited about working on the stripes, so I moved ahead on A, and will pick up the stitches on B this afternoon or evening.  What I don't have yet is a name for this pair.  The other striped ones all have names: Rainy Day Roses,  Sunshine 'n' Roses, Desert Canyon Sunset, Tropical Lagoon.  But this?   Suggestions will be accepted, but no promises that I'll pick one.  The only think I've thought of is Summer Wildflowers (becuase the sky is the right color for Texas summer sky, and we do have some wildflowers this year, but the Bitteroot Rainbow doesn't have enough bright yellow in it, and the yellow stripes are for the other wildflowers. that are solid yellow.

Meanwhile the back pair are royal blue regular socks (the same royal blue used in this pair:


They're planned as solids if I have enough of the royal blue left. Otherwise the feet may acquire some stripes (but toes and heels will be blue, whatever else happens between.)  Those stripes will probably be green, if they're needed to eke out the blue.

Tags: knitting, socks

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