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Seventh Summer Socks

The seventh pair of "Sporty Shorty" socks for summer bike riding aren't finished, but a friend brought me a gorgeous yarn bowl from ArmadilloCon this year  (since I still can't drive, I couldn't go) and that's my excuse for photographing the unfinished pair of socks.  The name of this pair is Carnival.


Although the top of the sock on the right is in shadow, it's exactly like the one on the left--a rolled top in the gold, then ribbing in the deep rose, then more gold before the turquoise stripe.   The yarns are, from the top:  (1) Ella rae Classic, #135 gold, the "framing" color (top, heel flap. toe) (2) Plymouth Yarns Galway Nep, #541 deep rose, (3) Ella rae Classic Superwash, turquoise (bands long gone, no number), Cascade 220 Superwash handpainted (bands long gone, a rich royal purple heather) Ella rae Classic #90, emerald green.

This pair of socks has been difficult; I went too far on #1 before starting #2, then tried to hurry, and that meant #2 has been acting like a Cursed Sock...everything from having to cast repeatedly, trouble joining the circle, ordinary dropped stitches, extra stitches, peculiar stitches (what did I DO? I  have no idea), incredible yarn tangles, difficulty with the heel turn (and I don't often have any problem at all with the heel turn), and so on.

I have very little turquoise leftover yarn left (I have some balls deep in storage to make another full-size pair of socks) so most of the sock foot is yarns I have more leftovers of--the green and the deep rose.  The purple is a suspect sock yarn--the only pairs of socks I made from Cascade 220 Superwash got all limp and stretched out after repeated washings (and it started with the first wash.  I didn't put them in the washer but did them by hand, as I do all the socks.)  So the purple's being used as an accent yarn, where if it stretches out it'll be constrained by the Ella rae or the Plymouth, neither of which does.   Yes, I might try knitting the purple with smaller needles, but the problem with smaller needles has been my eyesight.  We'll see what the new glasses (due this week) will do for that.

When I finish these, the last short pair for the summer (I need new socks for this winter, and my huge pile of leftover yarn from previous long socks has shrunk from five or six Ziploc bags to two)  I plan to lay all the pairs out together and take a picture.   Meanwhile, there's a royal blue pair of regular socks stalled in the ribbing because I needed more pairs of the shorties to wear on the bike.

Tags: knitting, socks, yarn bowl

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