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First Seven "Shorty" Socks

Yesterday I took the 7th pair of shorty socks off the needles; they still have loose yarn ends inside, but I couldn't resist a family portrait of the group (with the comment that as usual some of the colors aren't their real color in these pictures.


They're laid out in order of making, starting with the red pair in the lower left, and then counter-clockwise.    They have fanciful names, based on the colors:  Play Ball (1st pair), Rainy Day Roses, Sunny Day Roses, Desert Canyon Sunset, Tropical Lagoon (at the top, in case you've lost track), Summer Meadow, and the newest, Fiesta.

And here's a picture of the Fiesta socks on my feet (with the loose yarn ends still inside--they were put on just for the photos.)


The green in Rainy Day Roses is a different green than on the other pairs, and photographs much truer to its real appearance, a.  It was Ella rae Classic #75.  The other greens are all Ella rae Classic #90, a rich emerald green; it looks closest to its real color in the image just above.  All the pinkish-purplish stripes are the same yarn.  The blue stripe on Play Ball is the same yarn as on Summer Meadow.  The purple stripe at the top of Rainy Day Roses is the same yarn as the purple stripes in Desert Canyon Sunset.  Both the pinkish-purplish and the purple yarn are Plymouth Galway Nep, so the little "speckles" of color in them are real, not an artifact.  Those bits of other colors make the stripes more interesting, I think.  Tropical Lagoon has only two yarns, the turquoise and the variegated.  Mountain Colors Bitterroot Rainbow is in both the Desert Canyon Sunset (a total of five rows per sock) and in Summer Meadow (the ribbing, as well as more rows.)   Fiesta has a small amount of a different purple yarn (in whole socks, it proved to become overly soft and stretchy with multiple washings, so keeping it to narrow stripes should allow other yarns to scaffold it.   Yarns used as leftovers from one-color "regular" socks are both greens, red, turquoise, medium blue, variegated blue/aqua/lavender, and both purples.   Yarn from intact skeins:  the pinkish-purplish, Bitterrroot Rainbow, and the mustard-gold.   The mustard-gold is the only one originally purchased as a striping yarn; it was chosen to mix with Bitterroot Rainbow (after I tried out that yarn and found it made stunning stripes), burgundy, hunter green, and brown.  I don't want solid-color socks in that color, but as a stripe it'll be fine.

In most of the socks, the heel flap is done in Eye of Partridge, with that pattern continued under the heel a short way for reinforcement and cushioning.    This is a photo of my first attempt at Eye of Partridge.


It's a slip-stitch pattern that offsets the slipped & knitted stitches every right-side row (all wrong-side rows are purled--on the flat part of the heel flap--and knitted if the pattern's carried under the  heel (which it isn't, here.)   It wears better under the back strap of my sandals than a regular heel stitch does.

Aside from the short bit of ribbing that helps hold the short upper part away from the ankle, everything else is done in knit stitch.  Toes are anatomical (there's a right and a left sock), fitted to my own feet; the same basic sock could be made with symmetrical toes, of course.

Since I've shrunk the amount of leftover yarn from regular socks, Fiesta may be the last shorty I knit for awhile.  I need more regular socks anyway, since the Year One socks are starting to wear out.  I have a royal blue pair most of the way down the five inches of ribbing; when it reaches the heel flap, I'll put a following pair (possibly Mountain Colors Indian Paintbrush, or a burgundy) on the needles.   I also want to do a dark green this fall, and a black pair, as well as several more pairs of the Herdwick yarn that's so wonderfully warm.
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