e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Found the Farrier! (a horse thing)

My farrier and I have been not connecting for several weeks, while Mac's hooves continue to grow, which is not good for a horse with bad hooves and chronic lameness issues.  I had lost (I thought) Brian's card with his phone number on it, and the number posted on the wall returned no answer--not even a machine to leave a message on, and I knew the old old number (in my cellphone) was wrong.  So.  R- went out to the feed store and found ONE of Brian's cards tacked to the bulletin board and copied down the number.  It's the same as the number posted on my wall here, but today when I called Brian answered.

Horse people know that one's farrier is even more important than the hay supplier, unless you're capable of doing your own trimming (I'm not.   I managed it with my first horse but not since.  Ky was exceptionally patient with me.)  So Tuesday Mac will get trimmed, and Monday I will spend time soaking his hooves, because the rain earlier this week is long gone and the hot oven that is usually August in Texas is blowing over us.

And yes, I've now added Brian's number in the computer. 
Tags: farriery, horses

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