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Heading Out to DragonCon

The family will be at home, along with aging Cleo-cat and Mac the equine drama queen.  But I will be on my way tomorrow morning, with some intermediate stops before reaching the airport.   DragonCon is always a blast, and I've missed it the past few years as I was supporting the local group putting on WorldCon in San Antonio.   This will be the first time I've flown in years (since I realized that I got sick every time I flew to a convention but not when I drove or rode the train, and I'm hoping to avoid the same kind of whatever that I got before.  Though I suspect it's endemic to the whole flying thing these days (the insane crowding on planes, the way passengers are treated, and the stress of all that constant scare-stuff on the PSAs in the airport.)  We shall see.  If I get sick this time, then I'll just take the train in the future.  It's far more pleasant.

Meanwhile, writing and knitting continue.  I'm taking knitting, but not writing, on the trip.   And now--back to packing, the final cleanup, and the running through checklists in the hope of not forgetting anything this time--either things I need, or things I should not have in my carry-on.   Deciding which socks to wear tomorrow, since they'll be on view when my shoes are in the container.  The TSA rules SAY that knitting--needles, yarn, tools and all--is OK, so I'm taking the current pair of socks-in-progress and my knitting kit to ease the misery of spending several hours in the airport.  A friend's dropping me off and we have to work around her doctor appointment.  Better earlier than later.

Back Monday night if all goes well.  Not taking anything to go online with, as I'll be too busy and frazzled anyway.
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