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Brief Sock Report - MoonScape [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Brief Sock Report [Sep. 9th, 2014|09:55 pm]
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[Current Mood |tired]

The royal blue socks (Ella rae Classic #79) survived heel turns and heel flap stitch pickup this evening and one of them is reconnected properly, now a row down on the gusset decreases.  The other is still inhabited by four #5 dpns and two #4s (that I use to pick up stitches) but I haven't knit the re-connect row yet.  The feet will have to be striped; I don't have enough royal blue yarn.  I do have plenty of emerald green leftover stuff from previous green socks, and I could throw in a bit of the hand-painted variegated blue as well.  Or maybe purple.  I'd like to get the second sock reconnected, but I'm very tired and having some problems seeing stitches clearly tonight.

The variegated red/purple socks, from Mountain Colors "Indian Paintbrush" colorway, are both at least two inches into the cuff ribbing.  This is a very light worsted weight yarn (250 yards to 100 gram skein) but has a lovely hand.  I could wish it fit in with the more robust worsted yarns, which run 200-220, but I'm using it just the same to see how it does.   That's fine on the ribbing, but I might switch to smaller needles below the ribbing to give it more substance.  Will see.

[User Picture]From: e_moon60
2014-09-11 10:49 pm (UTC)
I just realized that on the website, Mountain Colors lists the weight of the 4/8s yarn as 113 grams, not 100. Compared to a 100g skein that has 220 yards, where each g is 2.2 yards (don't we love fourth grade math?) then the additional 13 grams would give another 13 x 2.2 yards (always show your work) and that (not showing ALL my work; that's what calculators are for!) gives 28.6 yards. Which, plus the original 220, is 248.6 yards, which is really close to 250.

So it's not THAT much thinner than yarns that are 220 yards per 100 g. And maybe they rounded up, and it's really only 248.6, or maybe that's within the error range. (I have a lot to learn, still...) I hope this means I don't have to drop a needle size for the feet. I'm going to assume that's what it means...
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