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Things Going Right

I just watched a video prepared by the Dallas ambulance service.   They have (as I would have done, if I'd been in charge) designated units that will be used for transport of any future possible-Ebola patients in the Dallas area--three of them--and given the crews of those units extra training.  The video also covered how the units are decontaminated after transporting any high-risk patient (who might might have  TB or MERS instead  of Ebola.

Three of the top Dallas hospitals have designated where in their hospitals an Ebola patient would be isolated and how that area would be staffed.  They're ready if any of Mr. Duncan's contacts develop it or if someone else arrives sick from West Africa.  http://www.dallasnews.com/news/metro/20141007-three-dallas-hospitals-set-up-special-ebola-isolation-units.ece

And then there's the judge I mentioned before: Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, who has shown courage, intelligence, and compassion.  http://time.com/3474650/ebola-dallas-judge-jenkins/

And this church: http://www.dallasnews.com/news/columnists/james-ragland/20141007-ragland-church-offers-ray-of-hope-in-dallas-ebola-case.ece

Then there's Youngor Jallah, a member of the extended family: if not for her, Duncan might not have been back at the hospital on Sunday.  Not only did she take his temperature and notice the redness in his eye, where bleeding had started, but she insisted that he go back to the hospital, called 911, and warned the EMS personnel to put on protective gear--telling them she thought it was Ebola.
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