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Sock Progress

The "lead" pair, Mountain Colors' "Indian Paintbrush" socks are both past the gussets and onto the foot, while the Herdwick socks are on the cuff ribbing, gaining 1-2 rows a day.


This is the lighting angle that shows the colors of the Mountain Colors yarn the truest: at least two shades of red, rose, magenta, burgundy, and  purple.

Going to the end of the picnic table and shooting it from the side, the color looks different--warmer than it really is, especially in the cuffs:


Stitch definition is lovely with the Mountain Colors yarn, really showing off the Eye of Partridge heel reinforcement (which extends for another inch under the heel.)   The Herdwick yarn is a very different yarn, undyed and mixed of both light and dark wools.  It's not a soft yarn, although it feels wonderful once it's on.   You can see the ribbing developing, but it will never be as "sharp" as in the other yarns.  It's very warm.   I plan to wear the Herdwick socks when it's below freezing.  The Mountain Colors socks will go into the regular rotation for ordinary socks.  The sporty-shorty socks are summer socks and will drop from the rotation until hot weather next year.   Next up after the Mountain Colors socks are done will be a turquoise pair; next up after the Herdwick socks will probably be another pair of Herdwick socks.   There won't be another picture of either of these until they're done, unless something "interesting" happens.
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